SpirCre Metaverse/Crypto Project

Our first project, SpirCre, will have more info and images coming soon.

Our first game will be a 2D monster-battling game, much like a Pokemon MMO. Players will be able to collect monsters, explore the world, farm berries to increase their monsters' stats, breed monsters, challenge "gym leader" (still writing the lore and renaming things) NPCs to earn badges, battle and befriend other players, and more.

$SHIB holders in particular may want to stay posted here... They will be getting special early access and benefits. The first batch of monsters will be almost entirely SHIB-based.
Hopefully eventually we can partner with the actual SHIB developers in the future to create more utility for both of our projects and to open up more opportunities. I'd like to use SHIB as an in-game reward or something, or for winning battle tournaments perhaps. We will see where the future takes us.

Holder Benefits

Early holders of our first NFT collection will get extra benefits. There will be 10,000 NFTs in the first collection, but holders of the first 250 will receive residual profits off of secondary markets.

As we all know, OpenSea pays the original creators of a collection up to 6% in residuals on resales. We will be splitting 75% of this income evenly among the holders of #1-#250 of the NFT collection, and they will have special gold borders to stand out from the rest of the collection.

The NFTs will also be used in the game, of course, and dedicated players will be after certain monsters to build their desired teams, creating many opportunities to profit by selling to them.

The game will also have breeding mechanics, allowing for further profits for NFT holders, so selling may not always be your best bet.

Holders of all SpirCre NFTs will earn early access to our future games and projects, and we were working hard to create other benefits as well, both within SpirCre and within other projects.


Coming soon.